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Energy Audit. Surveying

Energy Audit is aimed at optimizing expenditures connected with total energy system of the enterprise by applying following means:

  • Optimizing the size of consumption of energy resources;
  • Reducing costs of energy resources.

Energy Audit Objectives:

  • Identifying an unrealized reserve and potentials for saving energy;
  • Developing the program of energy-conserving actions;
  • Calculating the payoff period and expenditures connected with implementing the program;
  • Improving the system of energy resources control and accountability;
  • Developing and implementing the system of energy management at the enterprise;
  • Designing the energy passport of the industrial enterprise.

Integrated approach to carrying out the energy audit

Method of carrying out the energy audit

Financial Model of the Energy System of the Enterprise

  • Estimating economic value of energy resources at the enterprise;
  • Identifying cash flows in energetics of the enterprise;
  • Analysis of input increase connected with repartition of production processes.

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