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Developing Technical Documentation

Taking into consideration actual situation with technical and engineering documentation at industrial and municipal enterprises of Russia, Project-Service offers services as to creating and updating database for energy complex.

Developing Technical Documentation includes:

  • Schemes of engineering networks at enterprises (schematic circuit diagram and on the general layout);
  • Card index of energy sources;
  • Process flow scheme for energy sources;
  • Card index of energy sources consumers;
  • Computation of loads for each energy sources consumer;
  • “Energy Passport” of the enterprise.

Diagram for design
hydraulic circuit


Heat network scheme with loads for each consumer


Heat supply scheme of industrial enterprises



Characteristics of pumps №3

Characteristics of compressor equipment

Characteristics of condensing turbines at heat-electric generating stations

Characteristics of hot-water boilers

Design: Maksim Luzanov
Programming: Alvik-Online